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Master Knitter Monday: Issue #2

Yeah, so I didn’t like that swatch from last week and I went ahead and re-did it.  This is something like attempt #6 on this one swatch.  The first swatch.  Ugh.

But, now I remember what I learned in going through Level 1 (why do I not write these things down?  Or take so long in between levels so I have to learn this stuff over and over again??), which is this:  My tension problems on the selvedge edges are due to not knitting the first two and last two stitches of each row tight enough.  Most people seem to need to loosen tension at the beginning or end of a row to even out their tension, but I need to do the opposite.  Now that I have that re-learned, my tension is looking much better:

Swatch #1

And here’s the swatch seamed:

Swatch #1 - seamed.
Swatch #1 - seam closed.

I still have to weave in my ends (the seaming tail up top is left free so the review committe can open up the seam to inspect it – but all other tails have to be woven in), but other than that the swatch is done.

Now I think I can move on from this troublesome swatch #1.

The written work for Level 2 includes several book reports, so I’m going to spend this next week finding some knitting books to review.  And try to get another swatch done.

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