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Master Knitter Monday: Issue #3

Well, I don’t have much to show you this Monday.  I did knit up swatch #2, but for some reason my tension is a bit wonky:

Swatch #2 - blocking

Can you see the ‘rowing out’ I’m getting in a few places?  (Uneven spaces in between the rows?)  I’m going to re-knit these this week. 

It’s amazing the amount of concentration it takes to knit what seem like simple swatches!  One of the biggest benefits to the Master Knitter program is that it teaches you to pay attention to your knitting.  You inevitably learn why things turn out a certain way and when and where certain methods work or don’t work.  Let’s hope I can pay attention enough this next week to knit some proper swatches this time!

4 thoughts on “Master Knitter Monday: Issue #3”

  1. Ahhhh, see, you taught me something! I didn’t know the ‘rowing out’ term. Mine does that, although it generally looks pretty even from the knit side.

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