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Master Knitter Monday

I have three more swatches to show you today!!

I’m on a roll, I tell you!

Swatch #1 (tubular cast on and tubular bind off with stockinette in between) – I’m not sure I’m happy with the cast on (or the ribbing!) in this one, so I’m planning  on doing it over.

MKlvl3 Swatch #1
Swatch #1

Swatches 2-5 need to have all different cast ons and different bind offs.  For swatch #2 I did a twisted german cast on and a decrease bind off on this one.  I think it looks pretty good!

MKlvl3 Swatch#2
Swatch #2 (Central Double Increase)
MKlvl3 Swatch #2 up close
Up close – Central Double Increase

This is swatch #8 – the herringbone stitch swatch. I’m happy with this one as well.

MKlvl3 Swatch #8
Swatch #8 – Herringbone Stitch

I have swatch #3 knit, but not blocked yet, and swatch #4 is in progress.

I’m thinking I should start designing my hat this week…

Anyhow – that’s what I have on the MK front!  Let’s hope I keep this pace up, maybe I’ll actually finish level 3 within a year!

Happy Knitting!

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