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Master Knitting Monday

I have six more swatches to show you today!  I told you I was on a roll! 😉

MK lvl3 Swatch #1 - attempt #2
Swatch #1 – redo

I redid swatch #1 to try to get a tighter cast on edge, and a better looking ribbing.  It looks better than my other one, but I may do this one once more to get it just right, we’ll see how I feel.

MKlvl3 Swatch #3
Swatch #3: double decrease

Swatch 3 is the double decrease of slip one, knit two together, slip one over.  I used the Cable Cast On and Sewn Bind Off on this one.

MKlvl3 Swatch#4
Swatch #4: ssp decrease

Swatch 4 is the wrong side decrease of SSP.  I used the Channel Island Cast On and Interlock Bind Off.

MKlvl3 Swatch#5
Swatch #5: p2tog tbl decrease

Swatch 5 is the wrong side decrease of p2tog tbl.  I used a Picot Cast On and a Picot Bind Off.  I’m not sure that I’m 100% happy with this one.  I think I’ll do it over to get a neater cast on and bind off – the picots are a bit sloppy in areas.

MKlvl3 Swatch#6
Swatch #6: yarnovers

Swatch 6 demonstrates yarnovers in different situations. I may do this one over again as well, to try to get my decreases to look a little neater, and to try to even the yarnover sizes up.

MKlvl3 Swatch#10
Swatch #10 – elongated stitch pattern

Swatch 10 is an elongated stitch pattern.  I chose ‘Seafoam Lace’ from the Barbara Walker treasuries, but I modified it a bit.  I’m not sure if I’m happy with it, so I may do it over again or pick a different pattern to use.

Anyway, I’m still plugging along at a pretty good pace!  Now I’m to the swatches that require me to write patterns for them, and come up with patterns, so it’ll be a bit more slow going from now on.  I’m really happy with how much I’ve gotten done in the last 3 weeks, though!

So, that’s what I have to show you this week.  Hopefully I’ll have lots to show you next week as well! 🙂

Happy Knitting!

2 thoughts on “Master Knitting Monday”

  1. Twisted Elongated stitches used to be my signature trick. The Seafoam Waves looks perfect. I will say, and this is absolutely no reflection at all on your skills, I do not care for that Picot Bindoff.

    1. Yeah, I really hate the picot cast on and bind off. I might pick a different set for that swatch, although I really wanted to show a decorative set.

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