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FO Friday

I meant to post some of these on Monday, but I never got around to blocking them until today, so I’ll post them as FOs today instead!

I have a LOT of MK swatches done!  Yay!  And I only have 4 swatches left! Double Yay!

Swatch #5: (Purl 2 tog tbl, with Picot Cast on and Picot Bind off)
MK lvl3 Swatch#5

I think this one is acceptable – I may have to lightly block the edges again to get the picots to stay down, though! (I ran out of pins this time! Hazards of blocking 6 swatches at once.)

Swatch #6: (Yarnovers)
MK lvl3 Swatch#6

This one is much better than my previous one!

Swatch #9: (Smocking Stitch)
MK lvl3 Swatch #9

I’m going to need to do this one again.  My ribbing is uneven – I have elongated stitches in spots.  But I have the pattern written out and it’ll give me a chance to double check that the pattern is correct.

Swatch #14: (Slip Stitch)
MK lvl3 Swatch#14

I think I need to do this one again as well.  My selvedge edges are really sloppy. 🙁  I might pick a different stitch pattern to try out, we’ll see.

Swatch #15: (Mosaic Stitch)
MK lvl3 Swatch#15

This one is alright, I think.  I might need to lightly block it again when I have more pins, though.  I really need to not block so many swatches at once!!

Swatch #17: (Charted Intarsia)

MK lvl3 Swatch#17
Oops, just now noticed the thread in the way! Sorry about that!

This is my third attempt at a good intarsia swatch!  (I really hate intarsia.)  I think (hope) this one is acceptable.  I really don’t want to have to do it over again.

Anyway – that’s what I have to show you today! I’ve started the research for my research papers, and I got a bunch of colors of yarn to start experimenting for my sweater.

Progress, progress.

Happy Knitting!!  And be sure to check out Tami’s Amis for more FO Friday posts!


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