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Master Knitting Monday

I have a bit more to show you on the Master Knitter front today!  I only have about 4 swatches left to knit (one is a re-knit of a previous one). Yay!

I finished my Fiber report, and I’m just tweaking it now.  (My husband does a good job as an editor, so he gives me back papers full of red ink. 🙂 )  One more report to go.  And 4 book/magazine reviews.  But I think it’s helping my sanity by tackling the written work as I go along and not saving it all for the end.  That’s what I did with level 2 and it really sapped the energy from me, so hopefully this way I can stay motivated.

I redid the slipped stitch swatch, picking a different pattern to use:
MK lvl 3 Swatch #14

I’m much happier with this one!

I finished my duplicate stitch swatch as well:
MK lvl3 Swatch #18

I’m in the middle of re-knitting my smocking stitch swatch right now.
MK lvl3 Swatch #9 (try #2 in progress)

I think I’m managing the tension issues between the ribs much better this time.

After that I just have to do the Bavarian stitch swatch (that one’s a tough one, but I have the pattern all charted out at least!), the charted symbols swatch (I still need to chart a design out – it can be lace or cables or both), and the entrelac swatch.  I’m having trouble deciding on how to write the pattern for the entrelac one – there are a couple of different ways I can approach it.

I ordered a bunch of different colors of Palette from Knit Picks a few weeks ago, so I’m hoping to start swatching for my sweater soon!  I have some designs charted out, I just need to see what colors work best, and how I’m going to put everything together. 🙂  Fun, fun!! (No, really! I like this part of designing!)

Anyway, I’m still plugging along at a pretty good pace, I think!  I’m not rushing myself, though – I’m just still highly motivated, which is sort of surprising me!  I stalled out on my previous two levels in the middle of the swatches.  Level 1 took me 2 years to complete, and level 2 took me three and a half!  I think being so close to finishing the whole thing is part of what is keeping me so motivated, but also – this is a very fun level!  I am really enjoying myself, which is a good motivator as well. 🙂

So, I hope to be completely done with the swatches by next week, and have some sweater swatches to show you too!  We’ll see.

Happy Knitting!

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  1. Lookit all that palette! I am living for that slipped stitch swatch, it’s beautiful! The duplicate stitch one is awesome as well, love the font 🙂

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