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Coming along

Second sleeve is done, and I’ve started on the body!  I decided I need to make a little fix on the tops of my sleeves, though, so I’m ripping back the last 4 rows or so and making the change.

Decided I need a small underarm seam, so I changed my flap that will hide the steek (is there a name for that?) accordingly.

The ends are slowly being woven in as well.  The upside of doing a cardigan is after I weave in the sleeve ends there shouldn’t be many more ends to weave in, since the steek will take care of the rest!

Slowly weaving in ends, almost done with sleeve #1.

I think I have the body mostly planned out – I still need to finalize my neck decreases, though.  Then I’ll need to swatch for my buttonhole band and do the calculations for it and the collar.  The body is just straight up to the armholes, though – so I have some time to figure out my neckline. 🙂

I have two finished sleeves! I don’t care about current fashion trends – I still prefer the one on the right to the one on the left!!
Body in progress – I’ve finished the foldover hem and I’m ready to join in the round to start the corrugated ribbing!

It’s coming along. I’m not sure I’ll make my self-imposed deadline of the end of the month, though. We’ll see.

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