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More Progress

I’m still plugging away at my sweater! Both sleeves are done and I’m almost to the armhole steeks on the body.

Sleeves! Almost done weaving in ends.

I hit a bit of a hiccup early last week when I ran out of one of my colors of yarn!!  I thought for sure I had another ball, but no such luck.  A wonderful Raveler had some extras she was selling (because of course Knit Picks was out of it!), so I had a couple of new balls in my hands by Friday.  I was upset for the lost knitting time at first, but I pulled myself together quickly (with the much-appreciated help of sane advice from a few of my Master Knitter friends) and used the time to weave in ends, write the pattern, and go over the rest of my notebook. 🙂

Body – almost to armscyes.

I need to start thinking about my buttonband – and whether I’ll even have buttonholes or not (I could do clasps instead) and how I would work the buttonholes if I do them.  I plan on swatching for that soon.  I also need to do some swatching to figure out my pick up ratio for the collar and the buttonband – I swatched for the colorwork portion at the very beginning of this process, but didn’t really swatch the corrugated ribbing by itself. I also need to figure out how I will handle the collar – I want it to be a plain shirt collar style, but in order to drape the proper way there needs to be more fabric at the end of the collar than the neckline start- and I’m not sure yet how I will handle that.  Possibly changing needle sizes to loosen the gauge as you get farther from the neckline, or else I’ll need to work increases – but I’m not sure I’ll like the pattern on the collar with increases.  We’ll see – I have a bit of swatching ahead of me!!

Caught in the act of trying to steal yarn!

Oh, and my Guild members have requested that I take lots of pictures, and possibly video, when I cut the steek(s). 🙂  So be on the lookout for a post dedicated to working and cutting steeks in the near future.

Time keeps ticking by – I’m going to be lucky if I can get this sweater done by the end of February, I think!  I’m sorely tempted to give the boys a week off from school – homeschooling and household management is eating up so much time that I could be knitting instead!! 😉

Happy Knitting!!

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