GAFF 2017

Hi all!

I’m here in Columbus for the Georgia Fiber Fest-  it just wrapped up. I’ll be heading home tomorrow (I’m hoping the traffic is not too bad heading North out of the path of Irma!)

I was a bad teacher and totally forgot to take pictures of my classes,  oops! My Short Rows class yesterday was small, but went well I think- I hope my students came out with some knowledge! My Decorative Cast on and Bind off class today was larger than expected thanks to some transplant students. Franklin had to switch to an earlier flight due to Irma, and his afternoon classes were cancelled.  (I hope Franklin makes it home safely!) We needed to switch my room to accommodate everyone, and I had to have a couple extra handouts printed out last minute, but the ladies running the show we’re wonderful helping me get switched up, and the class went great!

I loved getting to meet Franklin, and chatting with him for a little bit on Friday afternoon, and the dinner Friday night was full of wonderful food, and Franklin’s presentation was hilarious – so fun!

Overall I’ve had a great weekend- I’ve met so many lovely people and had such a good time! I hope to be able to come back next year!

I did buy a little bit of yarn-I was very restrained since I didn’t have too much time to shop – too busy teaching! I would have bought so much more if I had had more shopping time!

Door prize! Hand made fan from Twin Birch Products. Lovely! It’ll make the perfect addition to my Renn Fest costume!

Sock yarn from The Fiber Seed. Such wonderful colors!
Striping sock yarn (colorway ‘Hippocampus’ – it’s Dory from Finding Nemo!) from String Theory Colorworks. Can’t wait to knit this one up!

I *so* enjoyed making so many new acquaintances this weekend! 🙂

I’ll post again soon – until then, Happy Knitting!!

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I’m a certified Tech Editor!

I finished the TKGA Tech Editor certification course – I am now a certified Tech Editor! Pop over to my Services page if you are interested in hiring me as a Tech Editor for your next pattern or patterns! 🙂 The course was fantastic, and Sharon (the instructor) is a wonderful mentor, so it is well worth the time and money – and holds up to the high TKGA standards one expects.

I forgot to tell you last time – I had a pattern in the August K2Tog Newsletter from the TKGA, Neon Plain Socks. These are simple cuff-down socks with a heel-flap heel – the heel flap has a twist on the usual eye-of-partridge pattern. Check out last month’s newsletter if you’re interested! Not a member of the TKGA?  Why ever not??  There are lots of benefits to being a member, including the K2Tog newsletter and Cast On issues and discounts on correspondence courses. You really should join. 🙂

I think I’ve decided to steek and work a gusset in the arm-holes of my sweater that I posted last time. I just haven’t had the time to work on it yet but when I do it I will fully document what I do and walk you through it!

I’m hard at work on a couple of patterns – one is a sweater/tee and one is a pair of socks. You’ll see the sweater next Spring, and you’ll see the socks in a couple of months. 🙂 There are also a couple of submission calls out that are right up my alley, so I’m working on submissions for those as well…. I’m a busy gal!

Next week is the Georgia Fiber Festival, and I’m teaching there! It should be a lot of fun, so hopefully I’ll see some of you there! I’ll do a post afterwards (and maybe one or two during it as well!) so that if you can’t join me there you can see how much fun we had! 🙂

Oh – and I have a new logo thanks to my mother!  (Thanks Mom!) How do you like it? It think it’s world’s better than my previous one, and I’m slowly rolling it out to all the places where my logo shows up…

Until next time, Happy Knitting!!




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FO and a new Pattern!

Hi all!

I have a new pattern out! Zick Zack Fingerless Mitts . These were released in the newest issue of Cast On magazine. I had a lot of fun designing them! The fabric on these is nice and dense, which should come in handy when the temps start to drop (hopefully we’ll get cooler weather soon?? Pretty please??)

So, I also finally have a FO to show you on this Wednesday. 🙂  (It’s too hot for a modeled FO photo – when it cools down I’ll have to post an update with a photo of it being worn! It looks even better being worn – it has some negative ease so it fits snugly.)

Pattern:  Ryrau by Steinunn Birna Gudjonsdottir
Yarn:  Copper Corgi Jones Street Sport in colors Natural and Dark Teal
Needles:  US4 and US5
Start Date:  April 18, 2017
Finish Date:  August 5, 2017

Modifications:  I made quite a few modifications. I knit the sweater flat instead of steeking the opening. I added one stitch at each side as a purl stitch for a fake ‘seam’ line. I casted on one extra st at the opening edge once I got to the colorwork section (Just to give me two sts for the selvedge there.) Knitted the size large, since I went down a needle size for better drape on my fabric.  I adjusted the chart so that it is symmetrical on the fronts (I decreased one stitch) – and started chart on column 2 instead, and then ended on column 34. (The non-symmetry really bothered me!) I added two sets of short rows at the back after the colorwork section to raise the back neckline a bit. (As it is I should have done even more.) Also the decrease rows (19 and 21) on chart are incorrect as written! There should be ‘no stitch’ next to each decrease symbol for the chart to work correctly – I adjusted where I decreased to make it work out correctly. (Also, technically the row #s should all be on the right hand side of the chart since you’re supposed to be knitting in the round…it worked well for me though since I was knitting flat.)

Overall I’m somewhat happy with it. I really love the colors. BUT… the armscye opening is way too shallow – I really don’t like that much negative ease at the armholes. And I’m unhappy with the top neckline. When I wear it I just won’t button the top two buttons, but the top edge comes up too high for my comfort, while the back sits lower. I suspected that the armholes would be too shallow, but I thought blocking might remedy it enough. Blocking helped a good bit, but not quite enough.  I might wear this come winter (with a snug tee on underneath) or I might not. :-/  So – lesson learned. From now on I’ll just knit my own designs since I know they will fit me. LOL!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

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WiP Wednesday – Buttons!

Hi all!  I finally found some buttons for my sweater, so progress is being made!  I found two different buttons, and not having my sweater with me when I went shopping, I bought both. (You can never have too many buttons, right?)

I’m going to go with the darker grey ones. I think they blend better with the yarn and don’t stand out as much against the blue.
So, having made my choice I was able to plan out the spacing and finish the buttonhole band!

Buttonhole band done, started on buttonband.

I’m using twelve 7/8″ buttons, and I used the ‘tulips’ buttonhole – I really like how that buttonhole looks on ribbing. I can’t wait to get this done and blocked. I used a ‘fake seam’ stitch on the sides – I’ll decide whether to actually seam it up after I block it. I want to see how drapey the alpaca makes the sweater first. Whether or not I actually seam it up, I’ll do a blog post on the technique soon, it’s pretty nifty!

In other knitting news, I finished up my ‘Neon’ socks!  They are super bright!  But I do love them. 🙂

Yarn: Cozy Color Works Fingering SW in colorway ‘Galaxy’
Needles: US 0
Pattern: My own.
Started: June 26th, 2017
Finished: July 16th, 2017

So, that’s it from me for now!

Oh, I’m teaching a Beginner’s Fair Isle class this coming August 12th at Cheers To Ewe!  (Located in Huntersville, NC.)  If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to knit Fair Isle, this is the class for you!  Go here to sign up!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!!

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Winner! And a Thursday WiP…

Hi all!  I hope you had a lovely 4th of July!  We went camping all weekend and had a wonderful time.

Last night I did a random number generator to pick a winner for the ‘Luxurious Lace’ book… and the winner is…

Beth Rudo!  I’ll contact you privately to arrange delivery of your prize – Congratulations!  Thank you everyone for playing along!

I’m kind of stuck on my sweater – I know I told you last time that I’d be showing you a finished sweater by now. Well, I didn’t count on the fact that I need some buttons – and I can’t do the buttonholes until I know how many and how big the buttons are.  And I started on the buttonhole band first. Oops.  So, here it is in its *almost* done state, just waiting on me to find the perfect buttons… (and to block it – it needs a good blocking!)

In the meantime I’ve started another pair of plain socks. In a bright yarn that is totally not usually me, no less.  I couldn’t pass this skein up in March at the Carolina Fiber Fest when I was there teaching – it called to me for some reason (colorway is ‘Galaxy’.) 🙂 So now it is going to be a pair of funky socks!



I’m also swatching for a couple of design calls – I have one good idea for each – and about one week left to get the swatches done and my proposals in, keep your fingers crossed!

Oh, and I passed the first Lesson in the Tech Editing course – on to Lesson Two!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!