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New Patterns!

Hi! Don’t forget about my Winter Workshop hosted by the Charlotte Knitting Guild – coming up this Saturday! There are still spots available!

Go here for more info or to find out how to sign up!

I’ve published a couple more patterns over the last few days. And my very first e-book!

First up is my Thrummed Mittens pattern. This is a pattern that I wrote for my Thrumming class, and now it’s available for purchase. It doesn’t replace taking my class with me, but if you want just the pattern now you can get it!

Next up is my Arctic Cowl and Muff pattern. This was published last year in Cast On magazine, and now it is available for individual purchase!

If you like both of those, then I suggest you pick up a copy of my very first e-book, Thrumming. You get both patterns plus a wealth of information about thrumming! Plus you save $1 off the cost of purchasing both patterns separately.

That’s it from me for today! Until next time, Happy Knitting!

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Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season, and are starting 2018 with renewed energy! I sure am!

I’ve had a lot going on recently – lots of deadline knitting that was all-encompassing for a few weeks there (right in the middle of holiday stuff going on too!) But I’ve finished all that up and can concentrate on some other things for a bit before the next designing deadline hits! 🙂 (A note on what was keeping me so busy – be on the lookout for 2 articles and 3 accompanying patterns of mine in the next issue of Cast On magazine! I especially can’t wait for you to see the sweet baby dress I designed!)

I finished up a little project/pattern I was working on, and just published it. It’s a Cabled Ear Warmer, using just one skein of sport-weight luxury yarn, and an optional 2″ pom-pom if you wish. This ear warmer is perfect for when you wear your hair up, but still need to keep your ears warm (hair buns do not fit in some hats well!) With the recent cold snap we had, I really needed this! It knits up really quickly, so you can whip one up in time to use it the rest of this winter.





I’m participating in the Cheers To Ewe ADVENTurous wrap knit along as well, and haven’t had much time to work on it, but I’ve added a few rows to it here and there.

I’ll be teaching in Charlotte on the 20th at the Charlotte Knitting Guild January Workshop! Registration info is located here. I’ll be teaching Estonian Stitches and All About Socks.  Lunch is included. It is sure to be a fun day, so if you live in the Charlotte, NC area you should come join us (and me!)

Then later in March (on the 17th) I’ll be teaching two classes at Cheers To Ewe, Fix It and Mosaic Knitting. The Fix It class is a great class to take if you want to learn to fix your knitting mistakes and gain confidence as a knitter. And mosaic knitting is a fun technique! You can find out more info by going to the Cheers To Ewe website here.

That’s it from me for today, I’m planning to post a bit more regularly this year (we’ll see if I can stick to that resolution!)

Happy Knitting!  Here’s to a great 2018!



Planner Stuff

Hi all!

I’m deep in the grind of Wintertime designing! The last few years it seems like I get myself into a heavy workload right around the holidays. I’m writing two articles and several patterns and knitted items to accompany the articles – all due early January! I’m on track to finish everything under my deadlines, but a lot of that is because I have a planner system that is working well for me!

So- let me show you what I use and how I use it. (This is a picture heavy post, just FYI!)

First off, I have a personal planner system that comes with me wherever I go (usually). Sometimes I leave it at home – if I’m just running to the grocery store, for example, but most of the time it comes with me.  It’s a tad on the bulky side, but it still fits in my purse. And I keep trying to make it slimmer, but find that I can’t get rid of any of the individual parts and have it still work well for me.

My Planner. Chic Sparrow Outlander in color Time Traveler (A6 size) Houses my Hobonichi Techo, bullet journal, and lists booklet.
Towards the end of the year and it’s looking pretty chunky!
My slim bullet journal booklet.
My slim booklet that houses my lists. Things like phone numbers, birthdays, books I want to read, dinner ideas, etc.
Bullet Journal. I use this booklet for day to day (not date specific) random things I need to jot down.


Here’s what the Hobonichi looks like inside (these photos are from my new 2018 one, so it’s all nice and clean!) For anyone who may not know, there are several versions of planners from Hobonichi. The A6 size comes in Japanese or in English, and it houses monthly calendars and a page per day. The paper is fantastic Tomoe River paper which is super thin and takes fountain pens wonderfully. The thinness of the paper allows there to be a page for each day without making the booklet bulky. They also have a A5 size (called the Cousin – only available in Japanese) and a slim, but tall, booklet called the Weeks, that is a 2 pages per week spread plus a bunch of blank pages. It’s a lot to take in, I know. If you are interested in these particular planners, go to Hobonichi and check them out for yourself.

Outside cover. This is the A6 ‘English’ version.
Monthly View.
Daily View.

Ok, so the magic for me is in the daily pages. I track several things each day. My top portion is my appointments. I rarely have a lot of appointments in a single day, so I don’t need a lot of room for these. I track the weather at the top under the date as well – usually a day or two ahead.

Example of my Daily pages.

The top right is my ‘work’ to-do lists. The top left is my personal and household to-do lists. Sometimes the two lists merge into one big one if I have a lot going on, but I try to keep them separate as much as possible so I can tell what’s going on. I also color code.

Then the middle section is for daily journaling. I note what happened that day or other things I need to jot down for that particular day. (So, for example, if I make a reservation for camping on this day I note it here. But if I want to research State Parks for camping I would put that in the bullet journal booklet, since it’s not date specific and would take up more room on the daily page then I would want to use.)

The bottom left is where I track food, and the middle bottom is for tracking daily purchases, and the bottom right is for TV shows or movies watched that day and books I’ve read or am reading.

That’s my personal planner.

I also have a ‘work’ planner. This is an A5 blank book (it’s a Seven Seas Crossfield from Nanami Paper). I use it sort of bullet journal style, but with a bit of structure.  This stays at home, since the majority of my work happens at home. Sometimes I bring it with me, but that’s a rare occurrence.

My work planner housed in a Hobonichi cover.
Index. This is a very important part of the planner! It allows me to find information later.
Year at a Glance and 2018 Goals
Quarterly Calendar

I use the Quarterly Calendar page to mark down business specific deadlines and tasks/events. I mark personal appointments and such as well just to get an idea of what demands I have on my time that I have to work around. So far I’m working with one quarter at a time. When it gets close to the end of the quarter, I skip enough pages to cover the weeks left and then draw in the next Quarter calendar.

Income and Expenses tracker for the year.

All of my business expenses and income will be tracked here. I use accounting software, but I like having a written record of it as well. I had just one page allocated for 2017, and it wasn’t enough room, so for 2018 I’m breaking it into two pages.

Projects Overview Pages

For each quarter I have a set of Overview pages where I list my current projects, with deadlines and high level information. I reference page numbers elsewhere in the planner where I have more detailed info on them. This gives me an overview of what projects are complete and what is still ongoing.

Checklist Pages

Then in later pages I have a set of Checklist pages. These pages are where I take the projects on the Overview pages and break them down into smaller tasks. These get task boxes that get filled in when the tasks are complete. This allows me to map out the steps for each project and can allow me to plan my work time working towards my deadlines. Any item that has a task box gets migrated into my personal planner on appropriate days (that’s what the dot by a task box means – that it’s been put into my personal planner.)

Weekly pages.

Every week gets a page. I plan out for the week ahead the tasks that I need to get done that week, and add to it as the week goes on. I also note any other business related info for that week, like time logged hours for Tech Editing, and emails sent or received and any other business notes. At the end of the week I review my week. I highlight any items that did not get done and move them to the next week, and make note of what I accomplished (or didn’t!) and how I felt I did work-wise.

As I go in the book, I create pages that need to be created as I think of them. For example, if I have an idea for a class and I want to brainstorm – on the next blank page I start a page for that. I add it to my index up front, and to my index in back (I have a second index in the back that is organized by topic – for example,  I have ‘Weekly pages’ listed and the pages that have a weekly spread are listed after it.) And then I brainstorm! Because I have an index, I can easily find the page later on when I need to expand or refine the class or add more information.

I know that’s a lot of photos and a lot of information! But there you go, that’s my planner system, and it’s working well for me so far! I hope this was informative and/or helpful to see!

Shoot a comment below if you have any questions about it any of it! 🙂

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

Patterns Released

New Pattern: Wheat Chain Socks

I have a new pattern out!  My Wheat Chain Socks are in the newest issue of Cast On magazine, Winter 2017/2018.

I found this stitch pattern in a Japanese stitch dictionary and loved it. They are toe-up, with a reverse heel flap heel and a bottom gusset. Two sizes are provided (Adult Small and Adult Large) so they would be great as a pair of men’s socks in a dark or neutral color! If you aren’t a member of TKGA yet, what are you waiting for? You get a quarterly edition of Cast On magazine, as well as many other member benefits!

Happy Knitting!

FO Posts, WiP Posts

FO Friday

Hi again!

I just finished an item, and it’s not even blocked yet, but I have to show it to you!

Pattern: Pincha Shawl by Pinpilan Wangsai
Yarn: Yarn Love Juliet in color ‘Bayfield Apple’
Needles: US 5
Started: October 7th
Finished: October 31
Modifications: None. I ended up doing 22 feathers, and had about 1 yard of yarn left!! Using markers helped immensely. After the first feather is complete, you place a marker after the first stitch at the tip of the feather, then after the next 5, then after the next 10, then after the next 15. You then do the sets of short rows until you wrap a stitch after the next marker. This project has helpful notes for placing and using the markers. I slipped the first stitch in the bind off sections purlwise, and I used Jeny’s SSBO for all of my bind off stitches. I think this will allow it to block out really nice, I’ll be sure to post a photo of me wearing it after I block it!

I’m in the middle of another pair of plain socks. (I always have a pair on the needles!) I’m loving the pooling stripes I’m getting on the cuff! I think I may try to do a solid color heel and toe, but I need to do some stash diving to find a good solid color to pair with it. The yarn here is Twisted Owl 2-ply Sock in colorway ‘Midnight at the Oasis’.

I’ve got a really busy Fall/Winter lined up. Two articles (with accompanying patterns) to write for the next issue of Cast On, and I’m doing the TKGA Teacher Certification program, and I’ve got class ideas lined up for teaching at Cheers To Ewe that need to be turned into actual classes, as well as retreats and conferences to plan for! I guess my November/December/January is just destined to be my super busy time! This time last year I was crazy busy as well. Ah well. I have a great planner system that I use now that is keeping me on track, so I’m stressing out a lot less this time around, thankfully. 🙂 (Maybe I’ll show you that in a post? Any interest in seeing a Designer/Teacher/Tech Editor’s planner system?)

That’s it from me for now! Until next time, Happy Knitting!!